​body systems integration

Awareness Training and Functional Movement Re-education

body systems integration

body systems integration
BSI utilizes the following modalities in order to help you find the right combination of intervention to heal from injury or chronic pain. 

Fascial Release
This manual technique helps to free the connective tissue for more optimal function of the musculoskeletal system. 

Movement Re-education
Uses the fundamental theories and exercises of Pilates with support of  the Pilates equipment, mat, standing or walking to retrain your body how to move with more ease and less strain. 

Neural Mobilization
This technique frees nerves that can get stuck in the fascia to release neural tension so information from the nervous system can flow more organically. 

Structural Integration
A series of bodywork sessions in the Rolf method using mostly manual techniques with a focus on opening up the fascia, aligning the bones, and integrating the structure to create more ease in the body. 

Pilates is a system of therapeutic exercises designed to stretch, strengthen, and balance the whole body with an emphasis on the breath, mindfulness, alignment, and coordinated, flowing movement.